Tom Schlagkamp infuses his work with his love of music so it’s not surprising when he won the first place prize at the Cannes Young Director Awards for “Rock ‘n’ Roll Manifesto.”  Tom was a promising young electric guitarist when fate ejected him through the sunroof of his father’s SUV, leaving his left hand partially weakened.  He transitioned into film at RTL Germany, where he learned editing and motion graphics, and began shooting commercials, shorts, and music videos. He went on to study at UCLA and Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, and was quickly pegged as a rising director.

His love of music unfazed since the accident was instead channeled into filmmaking. Tom’s work explores the intricate dance of interconnecting parts—how one scene, character, framing and other details connect with the next and how those connections make the overall emotional impact and above all tell a story—much like a musician trying to do the same.