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Whether the situation is comic or serious, Josh seeks to find the drama that makes films tic, the tension that tells a story. At the center of his work are relatable characters, everymen and women who seem like family, friends, colleagues or neighbors rooting his film in the familiar, but never fearing a foray into the absurd or mysterious.

Josh started his career in his native New Zealand, at first working in the art department, where he witnessed how art direction helped to shape a character and tell a story. From the first day he walked on a film set, Josh was hooked, never losing a sense of wonder or curiosity. Before long he was directing award winning music videos, which in turn led to directing commercials. His bout with commercials has led to a string of success, working with great creative directors and many high-end clients. Recently, Josh has split his time directing commercials and some of New Zealand’s biggest TV shows.

Having won a Cannes Lions, Josh continues his streak of award winning films, yet approaches each project anew yet able to draw from the depth of his experiences.