Jorge Aguilera’s films have a visceral quality that manage to capture viewers’ attention from the onset. Underneath the careful compositions, the thoughtful art direction, fashionable costume design, the unique casting, nuanced editing, layered sound design and score is a soulful quality to his work—an undercurrent that tells a richer story than the one on the surface.

Jorge was born in Mexico but spent his formative years in the U.S. and the U.K. allowing him to get a worldly education. During this time, Jorge, a tall lanky kid, was drafted to play basketball and it was his coach that taught him the most important life lesson: being a team player always trumps individual abilities.  By the end of high-school he was back home and went on to study film direction at the famed film school Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica.

It’s no coincidence that Jorge Aguilera comes from Mexico City, a place that has given us a wave of refreshing cinema that is now part of Hollywood folklore. Also, uncoincidentally, Jorge got his start as a professional director at Oscar winning director Alejandro González-Iñáritu’s production company Zeta Films. Now the founding partner of one of Mexico’s most successful production companies Madrefoca, Jorge has gone on to much acclaim of his own, winning the 2017 award for Best Director at the Círculo de Oro.