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John is known primarily for his cinematic yet realistic documentary approach to commercials, films and branded content but his ability to tell stories, fiction or non-fiction, is what sets him apart.  Always drawing from his background and formation as a still photographer, John’s films have a cinematic/photographic quality to them that is always in service of the narrative but it’s his emphasis on the emotions within the story that have the biggest impact. John makes viewers feel for his subjects, making them connect on an emotional level by finding universal elements tied to the human condition. John started studying photography at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara but quickly realized that taking real life assignments, rather than sitting in a classroom, better served his obsession for photography. It was not long thereafter, that John was given a chance to indulge his passion for documentary film, spending six weeks documenting the desolate life of an oil-rich boomtown in Northern Alberta for Canadian Geographic. Since then, John has become one of Canada’s leading editorial photographers and directors.