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With imagery influenced by graphic design and fashion photography yet balanced with a natural quality, almost all of Amilcar Gomes’  life has been focused on the mechanics of visual storytelling. First working as a television and film editor, Amilcar was quickly recognized for his open collaborative style, keen eye and succinct sense of timing, leading him to his first job as a director. Before long, he quickly accumulated a prestigious group of clients including Bang & Olufsen, Maybelline, GQ, Amazon, Starwood Hotels, Barney’s, Anne Klein and Missoni to name a few.

Amilcar grew up in the leafy idyllic suburbs of Connecticut, obsessed with music, skateboard culture and the sole cinema in the center of town. Before long, Amilcar was making experimental films and directed his first documentary, about the psychology of skateboarding which eventually lead to a film degree from Boston University and continued studies at Massachusetts College of Art.

Within his films, Amilcar carefully toes the line between narrative and abstract, which provides an interesting contemplative space for viewers to revel in. The result is an experience that feels emotional, mysterious, intense and beautiful. Amilcar’s is a modern and artful approach, and whether it be a still life studio shoot or a documentary-style piece on the street, there is elegant, cool, confident through-line in all of his work.

He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.