Cannes Lions, Clio, One Show, Webbys, NYFA, El Ojo, El Sol, Wave. Our creativity has been recognized in festivals worldwide..

We are incredibly proud of the creativework our team are producing.

Marc & Gio and La Marca celebrate the rebellious optimists who dare to share their sparkle in a world that sometimes feels flat. Shot on location in Syracuse, Sicily, our new campaign brings to life the effortless style and unquenchable joy of Italy, and shows that a surprising sparkle can show up in almost any moment – if you know where to look.
Bugsy captures the unlikely connections between two historic yet completely different brands like luxury carmaker Bentley and Scottish whiskey distiller The Macallan and how this union intersects their shared passion for preservation.
Who wouldn’t dream of having the future reveal itself? Rob managed to interweave the present and future with a visual style that captures the visceral quality of such an encounter for Lexus’ Hybrid range of vehicles.
When The Queen works with Starbucks, special things happen, particularly when they are tasked with showing the eco-friendly nature of reusable cups, in a wholly mind-bending way.
There is an undeniable appeal to sharing a refreshing Coors Light with friends, especially when the natural beauty of the place reflects the purity of the ingredients.
Ida Cuellar tapped into the passion that some “things” arouse in us, where objects become much more than the sum total of their intended use, especially when it’s the all new rugged Toyota Tundra.
Rob Stanton-Cook teams up with PNC Bank to delve into the world of a daughter trying to realize her musical dreams and her hard-working mother’s comfort knowing that PNC Bank makes it so much easier for her to track the payments to keep everything on track.
Amilcar captured life-on-the-go for three modern-day women with a sense of refined, elegant yet relaxed fashion.
Magellan went to North Carolina to take a look behind the curtain of the storied greatness of Duke’s basketball and football programs and found the blood, sweat and tears that each athlete puts in to become champions.
Marc & Gio depict the essence of adventure Jeep is known for by marrying it with the poetry of people’s everyday quest for love.
The revolution of smart wearables takes a huge leap forward as The Queen explore how Amazon’s new Halo can help you keep track of all your health stats.
How do you turn the unthinkable grief of losing your 17-year-old son to the senselessness of gun violence? Rob captured the raw emotions of father Manuel Oliver who turned to art, making a 3D printed version of his deceased son to protest 3D printed guns.