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weareflink blurs the boundaries between design, visual effects, computer graphics and live action. Their unconventional approach to merging design, live action and CG elements has created signature looks for BMW, Audi, EA Sports, MINI, Lamborghini, Nestea, SKODA and Volkswagen.

A filmmaking and motion design studio, weareflink focuses on a broad range of production techniques to enhance and improve ideas, collecting awards including Cannes Lions, Andys, Clios and Eurobest.

Founded in 2009 by Andreas Lampe and Niko Tziopanos, weareflink received instant recognition and multiple honors with “Ink” for CCTV. Recent work includes the pristine “Drive” for BMW, while an integrated campaign for Volkswagen demonstrates cross media abilities in work inviting people to design their own cars after debating ideas on a variety of new media platforms.

Both Andreas and Niko bring expertise from multiple disciplines to the multi-layered motion content company, Andreas was a producer working top-directors on both sides of the Atlantic, from Berlin to Los Angeles and beyond. Niko cut his teeth as a web designer, art director and motion graphics artist before forming the collective.