Gerard N. Cantor

EP/Founding Partner
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Elliot Lucas

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Zoe Guy

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Rob Cornel

Office Coordinator
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Cesar Ahumada

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Alejandro Saevich

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Sales West Coast

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Head of Hispanic Market

Ileana Goldenstein

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Music Video

Kelly Norris Sarno

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Sure, everyone wants a hero.

But there’s something to be said for teamwork.

For collaboration.

For a team of experts joining forces with others to push something beyond what any individual could have created on their own.

Joinery is an award winning production company with vast experience and expertise in everything from film to VR to experiential media.

We assemble teams of producers, designers and directors from varied backgrounds, genres, and disciplines and pair them with advertising agencies, brands and musicians with the underlying joiner’s philosophy that together we are stronger than our individual parts.

You bring your ideas, your stories, your challenges, and your expectations.

We’ll bring our legacy, our experience, our curiosity, our dedication, our passion, and our optimism.

Together, we will help you realize your vision.

Heck, we may even exceed it.

And when that happens, we all wear the cape.