Graffiti Area

Bombay Graffiti Area

“During the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, Bombay Sapphire® premiered the 5 short films based on the winning scripts from their beloved Imagination Series Contest. Geoffrey Fletcher, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Precious, once again provided the dialogue framework of a script for a 5-minute short film.

Using Fletcher’s dialogue (which they were not allowed to change), screenwriters were called upon to infuse their own brand of imagination—such as genre, location, situation, characters, etc.—to make Fletcher’s words come alive in whatever story-world they could dream up.”

– Tribeca 20th May 2014


“When we first read the original script, we were intrigued that there was still a lot of room to explore the character of the Graffiti coming alive. We really saw the opportunity developing the character of the beast / monster (as we like to call it), which was a lot of fun. We imagined it to have terrifying aspects, but at the same time, to be fascinating and still have some comedic elements. One expression of this is the way it moves really quickly as it leaves traces of paint on the walls and corners.
It was important to create some conflict between the two protagonists on the run. One blames the other for their predicament and at the end we are left wondering if there ever were really two guys…”